Legally Blonde the Musical

Another Blake High School Summer Theatre Institute, another 19 rehearsal days from kickoff to opening curtain, and another high-energy show that had us wondering how Michel D’Anna, his staff, the cast, crew and pit band put it together in a month.  Thanks to each of you who had any part, large or small, in bringing the show this summer.
You’re probably reading this on a phone, aren’t you?  Do yourself a favor and sit down in front of an old fashion computer – or at least a big tablet – to experience these photos and Tina Wilbur’s dramatic set lighting.  I know, computers with big displays are so last year, but you owe it to yourself.

Live theatre is a bit of a mixed bag to photograph.  Dress rehearsals allow for up close and personal photography, but lighting, makeup, costumes and the set may not be quite ready for opening night.  Runs of the show have all of that in place, but I’d look out of place running around onstage so am vanquished to the back of the house.  That’s great for large scenes, but close-ups suffer a little.

Friday’s show, all way too many photos, has been posted!  Go through the Cliff Notes Version first and see how many lines you can put with the photos.  Then settle back for a rather extended tour through the whole show.  I hope that I’ve captured each cast member in all of their scenes.  My goal is for you to have as much fun looking at yourself here as we all had watching you perform.  Most of you onstage have never seen these scenes, so here they are for your first time.

And to the Thursday cast, don’t give up.  More photos of your show will follow after I recover from these and get a few other jobs under control.

Legally Blonde Photos

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Now hum along and have fun!