A camera looks like a brush to those of us who can’t paint.


Obligatory stuff about me and my work.

Blake Stage Company
and Children’s Theatre

You’ve come to the right place to relive some classic scenes played by some of my favorite people in the world.

Random Works

A few of my favorites. A very few until I spend some time pulling more together.

Meet Addison Cole
Emerging Cinematographer

Addison’s immediate professional goal is to join a team of videographers or cinematographers who create high-quality industrial or entertainment productions. Enjoy some of her work at AddisonOnstage.com, and think about how she can benefit your company!

Meet Ally Cole
Graphic Designer

Ally is a graphic design intern at a dynamic church during a gap year between Junior and Senior college years. Have a look at a bit of her work at AllySCole.com, and stay tuned for more of her work coming to a browser near you.

The Bathroom DarkroomWhen Film Was What There Was

Are you seasoned enough to remember when the only picture you looked at on your telephone was shaped like a bell? Ask someone twice your age to explain if you don’t see the humor in that…

Regardless of whether you’ve never taken pictures on anything but your Android, started with film because that’s what there was and then ventured into digital, started with film and won’t give it up until they pry the Spotmatic from your lifeless hands, or are just curious about how cool it is to create photographs on a strip of plastic, spend some time here. You’ll see photos with magical qualities that can only come from a roll of film.


Chinese Addition

Family additions happen in different ways. Ours is a hybrid, loaded with love and funny stories; Addison’s addition the result of 18 hours in labor – Ally’s of 14 hours in a plane.

One Gotcha Day and eight anniversaries into it, and the memories are fresh like yesterday.  Memories like Mom not being thrilled during either of those day-long stints, but ecstatic on either side of both. Memories like Ally asking our guide to tell her family that she did not like her new name.  And there was that poor Barbie doll.

China left indelible marks on us all, including Barbie. We pray to be able to return so that Ally can see China again for the first time, and we can all be back for a while where our family equation was solved. Enjoy a few glimpses of our two-week adventure into our future.

The August Jam

There isn’t anything in this group of concert photos – film photos, of course – that you have to hide from your kids unless you’re embarrassed about the way you looked in your teens in the 70’s. The more than 200,000 of you who were there, and you probably know who you are, will have a blast recalling that weekend.

Maybe you Woodstock veterans will get a chuckle out of our much, much smaller crowd. The rest of you will get a visual shot of musical history. Enjoy, because the odds of one of these things happening ever again are about as slim as those of Congress balancing the budget. Welcome to Yasgur’s Farm South.


Older events will come back online at some point. Please let me know if you’re looking for one that used to be here.

Knowledge Locker
Coming Soon to a Browser Near You.

I’ve learned a little about what works for me, and what doesn’t, en route to putting photos online to show and sell; things like how to put up a web site like this without having to learn how to write code.

I’ve also learned some other unrelated things that people looking at this site might like to know, like how to clear 9GB of deleted text messages that are still clogging up an iPhone because Apple can’t write an operating system smart enough to do it. You’ll get a complete refund on any of this valuable insight that turns out to be useless to you, so what do you have to lose? So you don’t forget, act before midnight tonight.

Liberty Ship John W. Brown

I had the honor of snagging 1940s’ press credentials and clearances to accompany President Roosevelt and the First Lady, General MacArthur, Abbott and Costello, Rosie the Riveter, the ship’s crew and a cast of entertainers for a cruise on the Chesapeake Bay, on assignment as the presidential photographer.

Enjoy a glimpse of the day aboard the World War II Liberty Ship through these photos. Visit Liberty Ship John W. Brown’s web site to learn more about her mission and to book your own living history cruise.